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Have an idea and want to bring it to life? Let our experts guide you!

PROTEUS-DT (Design and Tech) is an enterprise-level web application development company in Singapore, specialised in developing high-quality custom-made applications that are flexible for start-up companies and scalable for SMEs to meet their different needs.

Why partner with PROTEUS-DT (Design and Tech)?

PROTEUS-DT works on providing quality services by understanding customer requirements and providing solution based on experience and industry standards. Tapping into our niche skillset and expertise, we aim to help entrepreneurs kickstart their innovations and businesses in their digital transformation journey.

What’s more, our web app developer team is fully based in Singapore, allowing us to provide fast and reliable customer support. We place quality above everything else. If you’re looking for a company that goes the extra mile, then look no further.



We identify basic business needs and create ready-to-use templated systems to quickly help businesses kick-start.


As businesses grow, so will their needs. For that reason, our systems are designed for scalability – so you can upgrade your systems in any way you desire.


At the end of the day, every business is unique in their own way. With our customized app development services, customisation is available for anyone who rejects mediocrity.


Less IS more

Web App Development Singapore

Welcome To The Revolution

Not long ago, companies were fighting for the best developers.
Now, it doesn't matter.

No-code technology has made development faster and much more scalable by allowing our web app developer to develop applications without writing a single line of code.

Web App Development Company

10x The Speed

Building a web application no longer take months. We can provide our clients with robust and secure prototypes within a short amount of time. In fact, we can deliver prototypes and MVPs (minimum viable products) within weeks, so you can focus on pitching your business ideas to potential investors and clients.

Singapore Web App Development

Integrable (All -In-One)

Never need to have more than one app for distinct functions. No-code enables users to simply add new features and functions to their no-code apps without having to create them. Thus, we can easily integrate with your preferred platform utilising API (Application program interfaces).

Startup App Development Company Singapore

Better ROI

Most companies that adopt no-code web application development achieve ROI within 12 months. The faster our clients get to validate their solution; the faster clients get to release into market gaining ROI.

Web Application Development Services


Unlike traditional coding, no-code provides flexibility which allows you to upgrade easily. Adapt your applications according to feedback without having to worry about legacy code. Businesses can also add on new features to existing applications easily.

We are only as good as our customers

Singapore Web Application Development

Experience with PROTEUS was great, fast response whenever I raise an issue found or wanted some adjustment. My product was a lot of financial stuff, so PROTEUS was able to understand what i want and their 1st draft of of the product was already a good sign to me that they know what is happening. Without fail, I have recommended PROTEUS to a couple of my friends already.

Project Whizresponsive

Really enjoy working with you guys. There were some concerns here and there but you guys are very responsive and reacted really promptly. Things to do AND also maybe some additional scope or changes were given to you guys along the way but you guys displayed real responsibility and carried it through. Really appreciate.

Offset TechnologiesRespons-ible/ive

PROTEUS-DT was able to help develop our MVP that is ready to go-to-market with quick fixes of any issues. My startup may not be able to move off without the help of no-code and PROTEUS-DT

Play Lah!No-Code

Our Customers

We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with a vast portfolio of esteemed clients –
ranging from large enterprises, SMEs, young start-up companies to even freelance professionals.

Building your dream app is not difficult!

For anyone who has digital idea and wants to grow their business, we would be more than delighted to work alongside you in building your dream application. At PROTEUS-DT, we pride ourselves in providing end-to-end support – from development to production, and even after-sales support. We have worked with multiple start-ups founders and product managers to find out their product’s market fit and drafted road maps for their final product.

If you have something you want to build, drop us a message and we will discover the possibilities together!